Granules and EPDM rubber tiles

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Car mats

We are a manufacturer of high quality car mats used in original equipment by various automotive companies.


Our mix includes products dedicated both to cars and trucks.


We produce sets for passenger cabins, as well as car boot mats.Geyer & Hosaja products are the answer to the needs of even the most demanding customers. We manufacture mats from rubber, rubber and textile, and tuft rubber and lining of various shapes. On request, we combine rubber with other materials, which allows you to select a colour from a wide palette.


We have many years experience in the rubber industry. We comply with demanding standards, as confirmed by ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, and ISO 14001 certificates. Geyer & Hosaja products were honoured with prestigious awards, and received certificates from car makers worldwide.


From 2012, we boast the status of Q1, which is one of the highest distinction in the automotive industry. This award puts us at the forefront of manufacturers in the world.Our company has been recognized for its high quality products, optimal cost, timely delivery, and innovation while fostering environmental protection.


Our clients include such companies as.: Mercedes-Benz Accessories, Volvo Car Corporation, AUDI AG, Ford Motor Company, Mitsubishi Motors Europe, DAF Trucks, Volkswagen AG.

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