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Road safety

We are the leader in production of road safety elements.

Geyer & Hosaja focuses on safety in every aspect of everyday life. We have created a wide range of products, including elements of road safety and currently we are the leader in their manufacturing on the market. Our products are delivered to many places, both in the country and abroad.

To help to improve the road safety, we use high quality materials. Thanks to the special colours, reflectivity and anti-slip structure used, all elements are perfectly visible and they properly fulfill all functions. Highly qualified team of employees means that our products are characterized by the highest quality confirmed by certificates and approvals received.

We are the experts in the production of linear speed ramps, speed cushions and elevated pedestrian crossings. Our assortment also includes road asylum, stable bases for road signs, rubber curbs and traffic separators. Our widely used products include: temporary or permanent traffic organizations, lane separators, vehicle speed limitators. However, we are still expanding our offer with new products, in a meantime cooperating with the largest Polish and foreign companies, creating joint ventures aimed at improving safety on our roads.

In addition, we offer rubber blades for snow plows, which, thanks to the use of a special rubber compound, reinforced with a textile cord, are characterized by very good strength parameters.


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