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We have many years experience in manufacturing materials for retreading truck and car tyres.


Materials for truck tyres


We are the market leader in Central and Eastern Europe in the production of EUROTREAD treads.

For many years we supply tyres and treads to the: German, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Ukrainian,

Bulgarian, Romanian, and Hungarian markets.


Tyre retreading materials for cars


Materials for retreading tyres of passenger cars are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials. Each

product was made on the basis of Polish standards and has a quality certificate. In our offer you will find:


1. MG-BC side compound

2. MG-CO winter compound (M+S)

3. MG-TS summer compound (B)


We produce compounds based on our own recipe. We create custom-made

products according to customers' requirements and specifications by prior arrangement of given technical parameters.



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