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Krystyna Jagoda – Product Manager

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Małgorzata Pekala – sales

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Kom. +48 603 675 072

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Karolina Odbierzychleb – logistics

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We are a well-known and respected manufacturer of components used to improve road safety.We have many years of experience in manufacturing products delivered throughout Europe.


In order to improve safety on roads, we use only high quality materials.


We are experts in producing linear speed bumps, speed cushion and modular speed ramps with pedestrian crossing.


Our assortment includes also traffic islands and stable bases for road signs. We produce curbs and traffic separators, which are widely used, in road works, temporary or permanent designation of roads, and traffic restrictions.


Our offer also includes rubber snow blades. Special mixes rubber used in Geyer & Hosaja are characterized by high performance, durability, and wear resistance.


To protect the environment, we manufacture products based on recycled rubber.


In order to confirm the excellent quality and safety of our products, all of them are certified as "3M Poland," and have the Technical Approvals of Road and Bridge Institute (IBDiM).


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