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Anna Hudecka - sales

Tel.  +48 16 64 93 519

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We are a manufacturer of high quality rubber compounds.We deliver our products for the domestic and foreign markets.All compounds are produced in Poland in three plants:Przeworsk, Partynia, and Mielec.


Rubber compounds are manufactured based on a variety of polymers, providing them with high



To meet your expectations, we carry out both single orders (50 kg) and multitone batches.


We use special selection criteria for compounds:


- we select the appropriate rubber base according to the purpose of the final product;

- we determine what properties are a must-have for the final product;

- we adapt production to the required standards;

- we select the suitable vulcanization process;

- we set the necessary pricing criteria.


Our laboratories perform the following tests:


- tensile strength

- tear resistance

- hardness

- fogging

- smell

- colour

- the degree of flammability

- wiping

- resistance to high temperature


Each rubber compound batch is produced in accordance with ISO 9001:2001, and undergoes specialized laboratory tests.We deliver a quality certificate to all our products.


We also perform on-request research:


We hire highly-qualified and experienced engineering and technology staff.After many years of activity in the rubber industry, we have a formulation base with several hundred items.


To meet your expectations, we can develop a new formulation for a rubber compound. After agreeing on the specifications and requirements, the formulation is created under a contract of confidentiality.


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