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Car mats

Our car mats are a combination of passion and extensive automotive industry experience.

Geyer & Hosaja car mats have the unique honeycomb structure that prevents water and dirt from moving around and spilling out. The heel pad is made of thicker rubber which makes the material in shoe rest area last longer without wear and tear. High and stiff edges do not bend when the mat is taken out of the car, therefore water and mud stay on the mat rather than spill into the car.

Our car mats have been equipped with a special safety feature – the front edge has been lowered so that it does not get into the way of pedals. Also, the mats do not move under your feet thanks to the unique ‘spiked’ structure of the rubber parts in contact with your car floor. What is more, the mounting system is dedicated to each car model for which we offer our car mats.

Geyer & Hosaja car mats are aesthetic, reliable, made in Poland and easy to maintain.

In terms of quality, the fact that we are an exclusive supplier of OE car mats for passenger vehicles, trucks and OTR vehicles for various automotive industry corporations speaks for itself. Our reliability is also proven by awards and certificates such as Q1 from Ford or Volvo Quality Excellence.

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